In all the brown and doom and gloom of this past two months of brutal heat, I do see spots of color. It has been tough. Plants that have thrived in my garden for the last 10 years are barely hanging on. This includes my Mexican mint marigold, salad burnet and chives. Yet the French tarragon that is not supposed to like even our normal summers in doing just fine. My fig that is in a pot is dropping its leaves. I had planted  several new plants this spring. The zexmenia, rudbeckia and flame acanthus are thriving and blooming while the pigeonberry, hydrangea and ardisia are dead. All got the same amount of water – even I am wondering.

I do get to enjoy a nice spot of color right outside my back door.  I planted three pots – one with lantana, one with penta and one with cigar plant. Next to them is a patch of Mexican milkweed. The penta and cigar plant are blooming – barely. But the lantana and milkweed have been in full bloom all summer. Such a delight and I am sure the monarchs will appreciate it when they pass through this fall!

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    Posted Tuesday, August 30th, 2011 at 2:59 pm
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