If you have roses that sport lovely rose hips, do not deadhead your last crop of blooms. You will not only have rose hips to use for teas and preserves, those left on your bushes will provide food for such birds as the cedar waxwing and mockingbird.

Did you know that rose hips are a superb source of vitamin C? I vividly remember my mother talking to me about some of her experiences in England during World War II. At that time, citrus products were not readily available, so children were sent out to pick rose hips. The hips were then given to the Ministry of Health who in turn made rose hip syrup that was provided free to all the children of England. She remembers in particular an Alexander rose – a flat rose that grew wild in the countryside.

Some of the roses that I know that will produce great hips are Ballerina, Iceberg, Mutabilis, Old Blush and Seven Sisters.

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